Lincoln Effortless Program Makes Tasks Easier for Owners

Franklin Park Lincoln in Toledo is proud to offer its customers “The Lincoln Experience,” services that help make Lincoln owners’ lives more effortless, preserving their time and energy for what matters most. This offers a single point of contact at the dealership, pickup and delivery for either purchasing a new vehicle or for service, and more.

Franklin Park Lincoln knows Oregon and Sylvania drivers are busy people. That is why Lincoln offers rewards and privileges to owners, to make owning a Lincoln convenient to them. The Access Rewards program allows you to accumulate points to be used for complimentary service, parts and other services. You can easily track your progress on your "The Lincoln Way App" to find out how close you are to redeeming your great rewards.

The Lincoln Way app allows you to schedule service for your Lincoln, provides remote start and lets you find your car in a crowded parking lot. It gives you a personal dashboard of the benefits of driving a Lincoln around Ohio. The concierge service provided by Franklin Park Lincoln is easily accessible through the Lincoln Way app.

One of the perks of owning a Lincoln is the pickup and delivery service. When it is time to address your service needs, simply schedule your service time. And we'll send an agent to pick up your car and leave you with a loaner in the meantime. The completed loaner agreement will be ready for you to sign. So, we'll save you time. Once your service is complete, we'll alert you and send a driver back to you to drop off your car and take away the loaner car. So you never have to worry about waiting around for a job to be done.

Now you understand how driving a Lincoln can appeal to your sense of freedom. Not only do you show off your personal style, but the benefits far exceed what any other luxury model can provide. Never let your Lincoln become an inconvenience. Take advantage of the Lincoln Experience from Franklin Park Lincoln in Toledo.

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