All You Need to Know About the Lincoln Way App

We use our phones for just about everything from contacting our friends and families to picking out restaurants, doing research, taking pictures and much more. But how has our phone played into assisting our driving experience? New for Lincoln is the Lincoln Way™ and Lincoln Connect™ app. This feature lets you operate your Lincoln, access important vehicle information like maintenance schedule, and contact personal Concierge, all from your mobile device. To learn more about this feature continue reading.

About the App

The Lincoln Connect™ is all about adding convenience to your life. Everything you need is put together right where you can easily access it. Lincoln Connect™ lets you connect to your Lincoln model in a way that you've been waiting for. You'll be able to do the following:

  • Lock and unlock your Lincoln's doors
  • Remotely start your car
  • Set up a remote start calendar
  • Check the current status of your car's vitals and get Vehicle Health Alerts
  • Locate Your vehicle
  • Turn your vehicle into a Wi-Fi hotspot

If you ever require help/ roadside assistance this app lets you get it fast. You can request Lincoln services such as fuel delivery, lock-out assistance, flat-tire change and much more, all just a phone call away.

If you need to connect with your Concierge team you can call real people with a real answer on demand. You can chat through the app or speak with a live agent for answers about your Lincoln vehicle. You can find all your information within My Vehicle. You can check your fuel level, select a preferred dealer, view your maintenance schedule, your service history, and other details. This app provides a single place for you to quickly pay for, track and manage your purchases across all of the Lincoln services when you securely add a credit or debit card.

The Lincoln Way app is a useful feature that will save you time and stress. To learn more about all we offer you can check out our about us page, as well as explore our new inventory page to see all our new models with the app.

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